Committee 2020-21 Feel free to email any of us with any questions!


David Frank - Chair



Favourite Climb or Scramble: A Dream Of White Horses


Tune of Choice: Alive by Skipinnish


Memorable Moment: Massive day of Scottish winter on my fourth weekend in a row, spending the day in zero visibility and being absolutely terrified, then not getting back to the car until 8:30, totally wrecked. Then getting up to do it all again the next day.



Issy Thompson - Secretary




Favourite Climb or Scramble: Skywalker, Shannon Falls, Squamish


Tune of Choice: My Silver Lining by First Aid Kit


Memorable Moment: Running back from range east in Pembroke to get to the fish and chip shop before it closed! We'd had a long day of brilliant climbing and swimming in the summer sun and made it just in time to sit in the park at dusk with our well earned sustenance.


Matt Radcliffe - Treasurer




Favourite Climb or Scramble: Atlantic Ridge, North Wales 


Tune of Choice: Stay Alive by José González


Memorable Moment: Trying to sleep through the techno while driving to Ben Nevis at 5 in the morning on the glencoe weekend.


Alex Brett- Climbing Co-ordinator



Favourite Climb or Scramble: Long Tall Sally at Burbage North


Tune of Choice: Free Tibet Vini Vici Remix


Memorable Moment: Nearly killing the clubs chair with a big rock in Skye.


Will Oliver - Walking Co-ordinator




Favourite Climb or Scramble: Heather Wall - Froggatt


Tune of Choice: One night in October by Little Comets


Memorable Moment: Freezing on the top of great gable taking last year's calendar photo.



Jess O'Neill - Catering Officer




Favourite Climb or Scramble: Bristly Ridge, North Wales 


Tune of Choice: Foundations by Kate Nash


Memorable Moment: Watching the sunrise over Ennerdale Water in November whilst three of us attempted to take a photo for the annual naked calendar. Have never been so cold but have never laughed so much either.



Claire Wilkinson - Outreach Officer




Favourite Climb or Scramble: Hope, Idwal Slabs


Tune of Choice: Calm by Vistas


Memorable Moment: Going on my first ever winter mountaineering trip to the Cairngorms with the club and messing around with ice axes in the snow while having three Red deer come right up next to us to see what we were doing!



Ben Stainton - Social Secretary & Conservation Officer




Favourite Climb or Scramble: Chasm Route, Glyder Fach... "enter the belly of the mountain"


Tune of Choice: End of the Affair by Ben Howard


Memorable Moment: Running from Glen Coe to Glen Etive and back in the middle of winter - incredible mountain views, snowballing, and frequently falling into waist-deep snowdrifts.



Toby Boud - Kit and Safety Officer




Favourite Climb or Scramble: Embankment 3, (E1 5b) Millstone


Tune of Choice: it can only be: Summer of 69, Bryan Adams


Memorable Moment: a close tie with the day described in David's, but would have to be a long day on the Ben, on Douglas Boudler, doing my first properly technical winter route! Bit late back to the bus but definitely worth it.



Nea Weston- HPM Co-ordinator & Inclusions Officer



Favourite Climb or Scramble: Arrow Route, Skye (VDiff)

Tune of Choice: Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson


Memorable Moment: Our wildlife adventures on the way to the Roaches, with stone dog carvings, deer, and a twig that looked like a dog from one small angle that Julia reversed for ages to show us!


George Walden -  HPM Co-ordinator



Favourite Climb: Gargoyle Flake, Bamford


Tune of Choice: Walk of Life by Dire Straits


Memorable Moment: Scrambling in amazing weather on Borrowdale Weekend in first year.


Gwyneth Uttley - Team Captain



Favourite Climb or Scramble: Cider Soak, Anstey’s Cove, Devon

Tune of choice: High Grade by Gentleman’s Dub Club

Memorable moment: Cycling to Burbage after not getting let on the bus with all our pads, getting very lost but finally ending the day with a beautiful evening climb out on the grit.


Callum Clark - Running Co-ordinator




Favourite Climb or Scramble: Pull My Daisy, Rainbow Slab


Tune of Choice: Dani California, Red Hot Chili Peppers


Memorable Moment: Waking up at 6am in a Llanberis slate mine on my first climbing weekend away to put the tent down before we were spotted and getting the first routes done before sunrise.



Rob Dennison - Alumni




Favourite Climb or Scramble: Hercules, Curbar


Tune of Choice: Ecstasy, Rusted Root


Memorable Moment: The last day of our trip to Kalymnos, it was mega hot but each route we did was top quality, then at the end of the day we all ran into the sea to cool off; perfect end to the trip.