Ex-Committee 2016-17

Harry Lewis - Chair

Favourite Climb: The Axe, Clogwyn Du'r Arddu


Tune of Choice: Eye Of The Tiger


Biggest Epic: Has to be when Alex fell off an ice route on the Ben and tore half his face off


Louise Baddeley - Secretary


Favourite climb: Nailsbane, Lawrencefield

Tune of choice: New Slang, The Shins


Biggest Epic: Slicing my leg open on a remote offshore island in New Zealand and having to wait until morning for a helicopter rescue. Finally got to hospital after 12 hours of pain and bleeding and then, after 5 hours in A&E I realised I was stranded in a town hundreds of miles from anyone I knew and I couldn't walk. Luckily I had lovely friends who drove for several hours to come and pick me up.

Eloise Wells - Treasurer


Favourite Climb: Tensor II, Swanage


Tune of Choice: Best Day Of My Life, American Authors


Biggest Epic: Significantly benighted on fingers ridge in winter

Connor Read- Publicity Officer


Favourite Climb: Super Direct, Dinas Mot


Tune of Choice: Boiled Frogs, Alexisonfire


Biggest Epic: Trying to run for 3 hours fuelled solely on pumpkin seeds, resulting in producing copious amounts of vomit for the remainder of the night. I finished though!

Tom Drysdale- Catering Officer


Favourite Climb: Elefantenhimmel, Grande Grotta, Kalymnos


Tune of Choice: Comfortably Numb, Pink Floyd


Biggest Epic: Hearing nearly 30 avalanches going off around us when walking up a valley to Annapurna Base Camp in a complete white-out! Worth it for the views at base camp but quite scary!

Dom Beer- Climbing Co-ordinator

Favourite Climb: The Plum, Tremadog


Tune of Choice: Under Pressure - Queen and David Bowie


Biggest Epic: HPM checkpointing 2015, spending the night on Lost Lad in hurricane strength winds in a tent held together only by bamboo, tape, people and a bouldering pad!




Elis Evans- Climbing Co-ordinator

Favourite Climb: Anything at Caswell


Tune of Choice: Baba O'Riley - The Who


Biggest Epic: Getting Lost on the Cannock chase walk, 17 hours in!




Matilda Scott - Walking Co-ordinator


Favourite Climb: Physiology, Stanage Popular


Tune of Choice: This Is The Life, Amy Macdonald


Biggest Epic: Climbing the Inaccessible Pinnacle and Sgùrr Dearg in the Isle of Skye

Matt Arnold - Kit Officer


Favourite Climb: Wings for Life, Telendos


Tune of Choice: Wet Sand, Red Hot Chili Peppers


Biggest Epic: Attempting to open a bottle of olive oil with a sharp knife and slicing my finger open, 3 days into a 2-week sport climbing trip. Alternatively, any time spent on a 2-wheeled vehicle.

Sam McCarthy - Social Secretary

Favourite Climb: MILLSTONE


Tune of Choice: Nite Club, The Specials


Biggest Epic: Getting stranded in Font or my mate chopping my new rope in half...

Tom Bennell - Social Secretary


Favourite Climb: Five Finger Exercise, Cratcliffe


Tune of Choice: Mothersky, Can


Biggest Epic: Forgetting shoes and harness, and getting benighted at froggatt and having to do the second pitch in my socks.

Olga Kondrashova - HPM Co-ordinator and Inclusions


Favourite Climb: Free Style, Kalymnos


Tune of Choice: Dancing With Myself, Billy Idol


Biggest Epic: Climbing Wings for Life on Telendos in Greece as my first proper multi-pitch, leading the amazing traverse pitch, and doing it all in perfect conditions! Best day out climbing I've had!

Nabil Toumi - HPM Co-ordinator


Favourite Climb: Mt Paritutu, Part of the rim of an ancient underwater volcano, and former Maori fort.


Tune of Choice: N****s in Paris


Biggest Epic: Climbing Mt holdsworth at 10. the one that got me into mountaineering

Ben Davidson- Training and Progress Officer


Favourite Climb: Femme Blanche, Ceuse


Tune of Choice: Little Man, Little Dragon


Biggest Epic: Checkin' out the orthopaedic dept. in Norway

Alex McCann - Training and Progress Officer

Favourite Climb: Left Wall, Dinas Cromlech, E2 5c.


Tune of Choice: Welcome Home, Radical Face


Biggest Epic: Dark Mountains MM 2013, set off in a blizzard at around 11pm, after around 4hrs and almost 20km we were both hypothermic, found the easiest route off the hill, ended up staggering down next to a stream, tripped, fell 3/4m into a snow drift with my face in the water. 100m later we discovered that we were above a junction of two streams, and couldn't cross either safely so camped there. Woke at 8am to brilliant blue skies, lots of the snow had melted away, the streams had died down, but we were still 10km from race HQ. Made it back by 11am, no one ended up finishing the course...