Will Oliver - Chair


Email: usmc@sheffield.ac.uk

Favourite Climb or Scramble: Wrinkled Wall, Bamford Edge


Tune of Choice: Canter by Gerry Cinnamon


Memorable Moment: Thrutching up some godforsaken chimney between two nice big chunks of gritstone



Jess O'Neill - Secretary


Email:  usmc.secretary@gmail.com


Favourite Climb or Scramble: Sphinx Ridge, The Napes

Tune of Choice: Tiny Dancer by Elton John

Memorable Moment: Spending a wintery afternoon in the Peaks, finding the deepest snowdrifts we could and promptly jumping into them.


Matt Radcliffe - Treasurer


Email:  usmc.treasurer1@gmail.com


Favourite Climb or Scramble: Twisted Smile, Kinder North

Tune of Choice: Cause We've Ended as Lovers by Jeff Beck

Memorable Moment: Eating cereal in the dark in Glencoe Village Hall, getting psyched up for the alpine start.

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Tom Lyons - Climbing Co-ordinator


Email: telyons1@sheffield.ac.uk

Favourite Climb or Scramble: Any and all grit bouldering in Yorkshire, especially Shipley Glen.

Tune of Choice: Gold Dust by Shy FX

Memorable Moment: Exploring the slate mines for the first time in north Wales and doing snakes and ladders with Arthur, after sleeping in his car at the bus stop


George Hodgson - Walking Co-ordinator


Email: usmc.walking@gmail.com


Favourite Climb or Scramble: Flying Buttress Direct, Stanage

Tune of Choice: Animal Spirits by Vulfpeck

Memorable Moment: Being trapped in a bin while dumpster diving because Alex Moreman was stood on the lid



Daisy Sturgeon-Lowe - Catering Officer


Email: usmc.catering@gmail.com


Favourite Climb or Scramble: Devil's Slide, Lundy

Tune of Choice: Big Rock Candy Mountain by Harry McLintock

Memorable Moment: Last minute decision to bivvy at the top of le Brévent in the freezing cold, got no sleep and ate cold raw pasta for breakfast but the view of the stars and Mont Blanc was worth it.



Ben Stainton - Outreach Officer

                          & Conservation Officer


Email:  usmc.publicity@gmail.com


Favourite Climb or Scramble: E Tenebris Lux, Lundy Island

Tune of Choice: Dot the Dragon's Eyes by Hanneke Cassel

Memorable Moment: Going to Kalymnos with newly made friends in Easter of first year. Sun, sea, sport climbing, and lots of Mythos.


Tom Young - Social Secretary


Email: usmc.socialsec1@gmail.com


Favourite Climb or Scramble: Sunset Slab at Froggatt Edge

Tune of Choice: Subaru Impreza by Tommy Holohan

Memorable Moment: Ending a sunny summer day ticking classics at the Roaches by taking a groundfall; someone else having to drive my car back led to more than one memorable moment on the way home!



Elliot Dennis - Kit and Safety Officer


Email: tnboud1@sheffield.ac.uk


Favourite Climb or Scramble:

Tune of Choice:

Memorable Moment:



Jess Holgate - Inclusions Officer


Email: jholgate1@sheffield.ac.uk

Favourite Climb or Scramble: Feathered Friends, Stanage North

Tune of Choice: 40 day dream by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Memorable Moment: standing on top of the Rivelin needle for the first time after climbing Croton Oil, and looking over the valley with newly made mates


Gwyneth Uttley - Team Captain


Email: guttley2@sheffield.ac.uk

Favourite Climb or Scramble: Cider Soak, Anstey’s Cove, Devon

Tune of choice: High Grade by Gentleman’s Dub Club

Memorable moment: Cycling to Burbage after not getting let on the bus with all our pads, getting very lost but finally ending the day with a beautiful evening climb out on the grit.


Alex Moreman - Running Co-ordinator


Email: ajmoreman1@sheffield.ac.uk


Favourite Climb or Scramble: Doorpost at Bosigran


Tune of Choice: Riptide by Vance Joy


Memorable Moment: Asking a stranger to take our photo for the charity naked calendar at Stanage Pole, then getting catcalled by some dogwalkers



Rob Dennison - Rob Dennison Officer


Email: robdennison@robdennison.com


Favourite Climb or Scramble: Hercules, Curbar


Tune of Choice: Ecstasy, Rusted Root


Memorable Moment: The last day of our trip to Kalymnos, it was mega hot but each route we did was top quality, then at the end of the day we all ran into the sea to cool off; perfect end to the trip.


Rob Dennison is no longer on committee but remains Chair in our hearts <3