Committee 2019-20 Feel free to email any of us with any questions!


Abel McLinden - Chair




Favourite Climb: Buchaille Etive Mor via Curved Ridge


Tune of Choice: It's a Longer Road to California than I Thought, The Wind and the Wave


Memorable Moment: First winter climbing route, Route Major in the Cairngorms. A day of -15c windchill and being out for 14hrs in plenty of powder.



Issy Thompson - Secretary




Favourite Climb or Scramble: Carpe Diem, Kalymnos


Tune of Choice: Apeman, The Kinks


Memorable Moment: The last day of a lovely sunny trip to the Llanberis slate quarries, it was a beautiful starry night and Nea and I jumped off the jetty twice for a refreshing swim before driving home slightly soggy but happy.


Harry Woods - Treasurer




Favourite Climb: Les Copains d'Abord, Trois Ilots, Kalymnos


Tune of Choice: Backseat Freestyle, Kendrick Lamar


Memorable Moment: Topping out said favourite climb after dark, losing the descent path, and spending 2 hours sliding home down the mountain through prickly pears and sleeping goats.


Alex Morris - Climbing Co-ordinator




Favourite Climb: Cemetery Gates, Dinas Cromlech (as one amazing 50m pitch!)


Tune of Choice: Whistle Stop, Roger Miller


Memorable Moment: Getting picked up from the Hope Works at 6am and driving straight to The Roaches for a beautiful day of climbing in the sun.



George Packham - Walking Co-ordinator




Favourite Climb: Traversée des Crochues, Aiguilles Rouges, France


Tune of Choice: Far Side of the World, Tide Lines


Memorable Moment: Sitting on top of The Cobbler, Scotland, in January on a mountaineering course in 2017, 260 degrees of stunning views.



Catriona Harrison- Catering Officer




Favourite climb: Menesis, Telendos

Tune of choice: Running Up That Hill, Kate Bush


Memorable moment: My first ever run on fresher’s weekend. Was very unprepared so ended up running up Snowdon in my puffer jacket and hiking boots!



Ben Stainton - Publicity Officer




Favourite Climb: Looning the Tube, Australia, Llanberis


Tune of Choice: End of the Affair, Ben Howard

Memorable Moment: My first proper fell run, with Cat, - loads of beautiful mountain views followed by a dip in Crummock Water, then warming back up with a pint by the fire in the nearest pub :)



Nea Weston - Social Secretary




Favourite Climb: South Arête, The Hexenstein

Tune of Choice: Coyotes by Don Edwards


Memorable Moment: Our wildlife adventures on the way to the Roaches, with stone dog carvings, deer, and a twig that looked like a dog from one small angle that Julia reversed for ages to show us!




David Frank - Kit and Safety Officer


Favourite Climb: Motorcade, Froggatt Edge


Tune of Choice: Up to No Good, The Hoosiers


Memorable Moment: Going to wales for a weekend of slate climbing. Had awesome fun, got loads of routes done and had fab weather, best weekend of climbing yet!



Maddy Roberts - HPM Co-ordinator & Inclusions Officer




Favourite Climb: The one in The Roaches where you have to get stuck by a boulder to get through.

Tune of Choice: Blame It on Me, George Ezra


Memorable Moment: Post HPM bar crawl in first year, walking back, bin raiding and trifling Guy!


Tom Matthews - HPM Co-ordinator & Conservation Officer




Favourite Climb: Sunset Slab, Froggatt Edge


Tune of Choice: Love on Top, Beyonce

Memorable Moment: Bothying then running Ennerdale Skyline with Will, Julia, and Abel


Gwyneth Uttley - Team Captain



Favourite climb: Cider Soak, Anstey’s Cove, Devon

Tune of choice: High Grade, Gentleman’s Dub Club

Memorable moment: Cycling to Burbage after not getting let on the bus with all our pads, getting very lost but finally ending the day with a beautiful evening climb out on the grit.


Ben Proctor - Alumni




Favourite Climb: Gillercombe Butress, Borrowdale


Tune of Choice: On the Sunny Side of the Ocean, John Fahey


Memorable Moment: When HPM was cancelled due to beast from the east but Jacob decided he wanted to camp out anyways. Freezing night in Rivelin forest.